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Clive & Diane's Wedding At Bilton House In Harrogate


It was a real pleasure to produce the wedding photography for Clive & Diane at Bilton House in Harrogate. Especially as they wern't planning on having a photographer, which of course, we think is not a good idea!

We have known Krissie for many years so when she called to see if we could cover the day, at quite short notice, of course we said no problem! The weather was beautiful and the service went perfectly. A really lovely suprise was a video link message all the way from Australia from Clives daughter. And despite being warned that the bride & groom may be a little reluctant to have lots of shots of the two of them I have to say they were brilliant and we got some fabulous images!

As the guests arrived at The White Swan in Wighill, the outdoor stage was ready for the band and the kids wasted no time in hitting the stage for an epic rendition of 'baby shark'. A lot of audience participation with that one!

As we left the evening was all set to be a wonderful night in the sunshine. Hope you enjoyed your day and thanks for letting us be a part of it. Enjoy your images and we will see you all again soon no doubt!

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