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Lisa & Deans Wedding At The Sheffield Register Office

Updated: Mar 3, 2020


Lisa & Dean had such a great day for their wedding at Sheffield Registry office. On what was a very busy day as it was the first Saturday of the holidays and the sun was shining, the registry office and Sheffield centre were bustling!

It was great fun capturing the day for this wonderful couple and I think even their daughters enjoyed being photographed! A really amazing moment was when we left the service and went out into the centre where there was a huge summer fair taking place. As we walked through a crowd of young lads they all stopped and gave the bride & groom a round of applause and a cheer!!

It was wonderful having such an easy going couple and guests and they didn't bat an eyelid as we took over the local covered gardens to take some family images and thanks to the very pleasent street cleaner who didn't mind us throwing confetti all over where he had just cleaned and moving so we could get some fabulous shots with the helterskelter!

A real pleasure to be part of your day guys and we look forward to seeing you in the studio soon for some fun with your niece & nephew, who I have to say, were absolute stars on the day!

See you soon!

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