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Never work with kids & animals??!

That is not a saying we agree with at all! Not when we have the fun we had during Philippa's family shoot! The girls had been in to studio previously for one of our Messy Play shoots and had a blast throwing paint around so we knew they'd be brilliant again and with the addition of Bailey we had a chance to capture some wonderful images.

If we're totally honest, the girls came up with poses themselves without needing much prompting from us and Bailey suddenly turned into a show dog half way through and looked like he modelled for a living!!

We have people asking all the time if they should bring the pets along to family shoots and we couldn't recommend it strongly enough! It's great to see the relationship kids have with their pets and to capture those moments is a real pleasure.

Thanks for being amazing again today guys and if you've been thinking of a shoot with your pets just give us a call. All pets are more than welcome....... except tarantulas!

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1 Comment

Our photos from the pet photo shoot are out of this world !!!!!!can not wait to see full album.

Well done to Mike and Andy for making this so easy, fun and getting ‘ the one ‘ ‘ the shot ‘ 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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