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Phil & Danielle's Wedding at Tankersley Manor Hotel



It's so nice when brides already know their photographer and we've known Danielle for years whilst she was running nurseries in which we photograph. So, naturally we began chatting about all things wedding when we found out her and Phil were planning their big day.

And what a day! Only a couple of us were in on the surprise for Phil in the morning. Danielle had got him a beautiful Rolex, which he really wasn't expecting! Can't fake an expression like that when opening a present! I also promised not to tell anyone that Phil asked me what the date was when he was setting it up!

Tankersley Manor in Barnsley was the venue and one we've visited quite a lot. Always nice to shoot in familiar surroundings and know the staff will do an amazing job! Such a fun day and well done to all the kids! The couple we're hoping for a shot of all the children together but weren't sure we'd get it due to all the ages involved. Not a problem!! That's our bread & butter and of course we got them all laughing!

A special nod to one of the most emotional poems I've heard from a groom! Beautiful mate.


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