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Tania & Daniels Wedding At Manor House Lindley



It was such a wonderful experience photographing Tania & Daniels Wedding at the Manor House Lindley. The venue was spectacular and it was lovely to meet their family and friends!

The weather managed to behave for us on the day with the worry of rain hanging over us for the large group photo, everything fell into place beautifully and we managed to capture everyone's happiness over the couples special day.

I also found out on the day that I look like Declan Donnelly, so I think I may need to brush up my skills on performing a geordie accent, maybe not! I was in a fair few selfies on the day though, I would love to see them pictures haha!

Emotions were high at the wedding and it was genuinely lovely to see their family together and celebrating, good luck to Tania & Daniel with their future as a married couple!


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