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Friends Reunited!!!!


It feels like I've started so many blogs recently with 'reopening soon'. I'm sick of it! Feels like we've been open and closed more times than an Ikea display cupboard. So, hopefully, this times it's for good!

It does feel a little different this time as well. With weddings slowly coming back we've been busy getting ready for our couples who have had to move dates as well as new bookings. It's just a case of waiting to see if the restrictions do lift as promised and we can get going properly. Same with nurseries. It's been so nice to re connect with our nurseries, see how they've been coping during it all and getting dates in the diary to get shooting. What has been lovely has been the feedback from parents and the excitement that we are back in soon! We'll be catching up with the kids who missed out last year so its going to be crazy!

But what this has meant is we've had this time to really focus on the studio. We've of course had the expected rush of newborns as well as our Littlelegz customers who were desperate to get their second and third shoots done. I know we are 'non essential' as a business but the amount of parents who came in the first week made us think we may be non essential but missed when we can't capture little ones growing up so fast!

We have also had a lot more commercial jobs. With the inevitable and unavoidable changes that so many businesses have had to make, it has meant updates for companies websites, headshots, promotioonal materials and social media. Great for us! But it also shows how important having quality images is when it comes to being in business these days. Everything is pictures and it seems people are realising that phone pics don't quite cut it! Plus it's lovely to shoot food images as every now and then we get to eat it when we're finished!! Thanks to everyone at The Catchpenny and best of luck with the opening of inside which will hopefully be soon!

What it has made us realsie is how much we took for granted being able to get together and the chances we had to be photographed with our loved ones. We had loads! You could go to a studio if we wanted but it tended to be at parties, weddings etc. We have had groups of friends booking to come in just because they've missed eachother! It's a great excuse to get together, have some drinks and have some fun being photographed in studio. We will be putting on our website and Facebook our upcoming offers for group sessions but I just wanted to write this as it wasn't something poeple used to think of doing.

If there is anything positive to take from lockdowns it's that it has made us realise how important our pictures are and how they make us think of the good times when we look at them. So maybe don't wait for an event to all be together. Come down to the studio and spend a couple of hours laughing and catching up and have some wicked images to treasure. More info and images to follow and we cannot wait to get the big groups of families and friends back in and the fun begins again!! Give us a shout for more info on any of our shoots and if you are needing promotional images for work.

See you soon!


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stella jones
stella jones
16 dic 2022

great content nice post

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