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Well it was beginning to look like we were never going to be allowed to open! But here it is. All being well we can reopen our studio on the 12th April! Cannot begin to describe how excited we are to get back shooting! Hopefully we will be able to get back into our nurseries as well and weddings are looking likely to be going crazy from June.

It's going to be full on getting all areas of our photography back in one go! I'm pleased that we had that time just before Christmas to have families in studio. Alright, it wasn't the big family groups were used to at that time of year but it meant we could keep our 'shooting' heads on and keep the practice and skills sharp! So many ideas to try when we get back to it as we've had plenty of time to think about new ideas and images.

I'm just so looking forward to having the studio bustling again with families and laughter and It'll be so nice to see families all being allowed to be together again. It's gonna be a crazy year! All the celebrations we find ourselves capturing are going to seem that little bit more magical and that's saying something!

To be in the middle of a wedding in full swing will be a special thing indeed.

So let's go! Come on BoJo... keep to the dates you've put out there! Let's get back to creating stonking images and having fun! See you down at the studio soon! x


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