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5 Cheap Accessories To Help With Your Phone Photography

1. Lenses

The first and personal favourite of mine on this list. As a photographer, I am used to having a bag of lenses that help me to achieve different looks and perspectives, and this is my phone's version of a bag of lenses.

Mobile phones today are starting to use multiple lenses to give you more flexibility when taking a photo. They most commonly include a standard lens, and a zoom lens.

A mobile lens set like this is super handy for macro (close-up shots) and wider shots, if you find you can't fit everything you want in your photos.

There is also a fish eye lens included, which can allow you get a large field of view with a very distinctive look. I personally I don't use that one a lot.

This is super handy for taking photos and shooting video.

I haven't included any telephoto zoom lenses for phones in this list as I haven't found a good one to date.

I'll attach a link below for where you can get this cheaply online.

2. Tripod

The phone tripod has two important uses for me. One is to use it as is on a desk to shoot images and videos with great stability. The other use is to remove the phone holder from this tripod and add it to my DSLR camera tripod for the extra height.

I'd say this is equally as handy for photography as it is for videography with a smart phone. Especially if you need to get a picture or video whilst you're unable to be next to the camera.

This can be combined with the lenses and a remote shutter for some great results!

Check the link below to see where you can get this cheap online, alternatively, if you can get to a pound shop, you may find one there like I did!

3. LED Ring Light.

Another one I use a lot and is also great for photo and video taking!

The flashes built into phones are generally not great, you can't move them, and they are quite under powered.

This is where this product comes in! It can be positioned on the front or the back camera, and it can even be clipped onto something other than the phone.

You could even get more than one to brighten up your image further!

It is totally portable and requires 2 AAA batteries to work. They do last for quite a while!

Check it out below.

4. Selfie Stick

The famous (or infamous) selfie stick, this is a super handy tool for shooting with your mobile phone.

You can fit your whole family in a single shot when using this, plus you can also get some cool and interesting angles with it too!

When shooting video, I use this as a stabiliser for less shaky shots when I'm walking around.

The high and low angle images you can get with these are great, and you can even find them in pound shops!

To check them out online, click below.

5. Wireless Remote Shutter

This accessory is really handy if you are needing a tripod or a selfie stick for your shots.

The selfie stick can be used to take images with the 3.5mm (headphone) jack, but I have an iPhone. This product is a must for me, so I can get those angles without needing to tap the screen, or set a timer.

Some photographers whilst using these, have set phones in location to wait for wildlife to appear. This removes the need to be near your phone, which could potentially scare away anything you're trying to take a picture of.

A very cheap accessory, if you are in need of one.

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