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Jade & Andy's Wedding at Hatfeild Hall



Jade & Andy we're given our details from a previous bride & groom and it was great to see them there with their new arrival! Andy had arranged for Jade and her bridesmaids to get ready at the very cool Bells Apartments in the centre of Leeds. We had such a fun time despite the questionable shots being drunk and Donald Trump looking on!!

Rothwell church is always special for me as its where my wife and I had our bands read, so it was great to be back and the church looked fantastic. I do love catching those special wedding day moments, without being intrusive and love the shot with Jade and her mum in the car just before we went into church.

Then we were off to the beautiful Hatfeild Hall once more! Sharon and the team at Hatfeild,as always, had the place looking spectacular and all the couples friends & family made sure the party was amazing!

See you soon guys for album designing!


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